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Urban Alchemy Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo


  • Sea Salt naturally exfoliates to remove dead skin and sebum build-up
  • Stimulates circulation for a health scalp to promote hair growth
  • Relieves itchiness post-colouring and restores hydration
  • Removes chemical residues from the scalp
  • Recommended for weekly use


Excess sebum may result in undernourished roots and a weakened scalp, sometimes causing hair loss. Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo provides a natural, salt-based exfoliation to free the scalp from dead skin cells and excess sebum, stimulating blood circulation and promoting healthy hair growth.


Though gentle, this exfoliating, cleansing and hydrating shampoo scrub effectively removes silicone, mineral and product-build up, while relieving post-colour scalp irritation and chemical residue. This easy, at-home treatment leaves no residue in the hair as the salt dissolves after a short time. 

Salt Scrub Cleanse Shampoo

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