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Capelli Hair Studio is excited to unveil our brand-new tier pricing structure, carefully designed to enhance your salon experience. With this update, we aim to provide you with even more personalized and exceptional service that meets your specific preferences and desired outcomes.

Our tier pricing structure features four distinct levels, each representing a unique skillset and experience:

  • Emerging Stylist: Our emerging stylists have recently completed their training and are bursting with fresh creativity. They offer affordable options with the latest skills so you can benefit from their passion as they provide professional hair care solutions.


  • Stylist: Our experienced stylists offer a personalised experience and are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. With attention to detail and a commitment to your satisfaction, enjoy the expertise and creativity of our skilled professionals.


  • Executive Stylist: Our executive stylists have a wealth of experience and consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. Offering an elevated salon experience that caters to your unique needs, our executive team are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your desired hair outcomes.


  • Principal Stylist: Our principal stylist tier is designed for clients seeking the highest level of expertise and sophistication. With their exceptional skillset, innovative approach and advanced training, our Principal Stylists offer the most luxury hair experience.

Please note that with the introduction of this new tier pricing structure, we have adjusted our pricing accordingly. While some prices remain the same, others may be more affordable or slightly higher depending on the tier you choose. This ensures you have the opportunity to select a stylist who perfectly aligns with your preferences and desired outcome.

Capelli Hair Studio is committed to providing you with unparalleled quality, creativity, and professionalism. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to assisting you in achieving your desired look with our exceptional team of stylists.

For more details about our new tier pricing structure, we invite you to visit our salon or contact our friendly staff. Thank you for choosing Capelli Hair Studio as your go-to destination for all your hairstyling needs!

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